About this Site

Taxes are applied ubiquitously – from your morning bagel purchase to your gifting of a new bicycle to a nephew. This is due in large part to the roles played by federal, state, and local governments. With the implementation of myriad government programs came a significant need to fund them; taxes have grown to become the government’s primary revenue-raising medium. Thus, nearly every transaction in the United States has some form of tax repercussion.

Problems arise when an income-earner, gifting person, or dying asset owner is oblivious to the tax implications of a particular action. For this reason alone, Americans must be equipped with at least some basic tax knowledge. This website is designed to do just that; it will educate visitors regarding various incomes taxes, investments taxes, tax policy, current trends in taxing, estate and gift taxes, as well as the probate process. In doing so, readers will develop a broader understanding of both the federal and Arizona taxing systems.